You don’t want a team of slippery used-car salespeople, you need a team of high-performing influencers. Teach your team to become the biggest advocates of what your company can do. Build communication skills, present in front of clients with confidence, and measure the metrics that matter to drive revenue.


You know the growth you want to see in your business, but how do you get there? Hawthorne Union has over 15 years of experience in adult education and learning to create dynamic customized content that speaks to your people. Training planning, implementation, delivery, and train-the-trainer available.

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Management is a title given, but true leadership has to be earned. Not everyone has to be a full-time coach to learn these skills, coaching can be embraced and deployed by your leadership at every level. Create a culture of accountability by training your leaders to show essential behaviors such as active listening, powerful questions, and designing action plans.


Bring your company up to speed by embracing the value that everyone can bring when they feel included and respected. This is not for those looking to check a box, this is for you wanting to make a real difference in the way you do business. Learn to identify and discuss unconscious bias, foster connections with true leadership, and establish support to feed your company culture.


Hawthorne Union was built for coaches, by coaches. You ask your clients to continue to grow, we invite you to lead by example with us. Our live, instructor led virtual classes are highly interactive, include coaching demonstrations and discussions, and are designed to support you as a coach as well as the efficacy of your coaching business.

books and pencil on desk