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Business as usual is gone and the new normal is still evolving. Unprecedented times and challenges impact you, your clients, your sales, and your community. It’s more important than ever to equip your leaders and employees to be the best they can be in new and constantly evolving environments.

Leverage talent optimization to determine how your leadership, the teams you have in place, and your company culture can create the best environment and alignment to achieve your business outcomes.

Talent optimization leverages data to support your strategy alignment, assist you in hiring the right people, manage and inspire the ones you have, and maximize employee engagement to improve business outcomes.


Talent optimization is a four-part discipline you can use to align your business strategy with your people strategy for optimal business results. Powered by Predictive Index, Hawthorne Union is proud to be a part of this rising practice of matching the data you need to create a people strategy to take your business to where you want to go.

As always, we believe in full transparency. Here’s the exact steps we take your team through to fully optimize your business to achieve results.

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Before you can start to fix any issue, you really need to understand the problem you are solving for. 

We start with an experience survey that helps isolate the root causes of employee disengagement. We’ll help you prepare your group and then make an action plan with the results. 


The ship should run without the captain. Break down silos and create a culture of engaged, innovative, collaborative leaders

Create the environment that you and your people will thrive in with intention. 

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Who do you have? Who do you need? Leverage data to assess your team’s strengths and opportunities, improve your hiring process, and implement impactful and sustainable solutions.


You may know where you’re going, but do your people? Would you bet your profit on it? Reduce the chaos and ambiguity by aligning on your goals and leveraging your talent to maximize results.