Visual Thinking with Virtual Tools


Fridays August 27 & Sept 3 @ 9-1030am PDT


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This year changed what it means to work and engage with our clients virtually. Attempting to meet them “where they are” became more than merely a philosophical tenet. And yet, noting that 65% or more of us learn visually if we’ve only used our voice to ask questions, have we ever truly met our clients “where they are?”

With half of the human brain directly or indirectly devoted to processing visual information, using multimodal learning methods such as MURAL digital whiteboards to facilitate reflective conversations is a key to enabling meaningful engagement. When our clients not only hear but also see and feel their development journey, perspective-taking increases, and the integration of learning intensifies.

In this highly experiential workshop of no more than 8 participants, attendees will:
• Discover more about how a multimodal learning engagement can support our client’s growth
• Engage with MURAL whiteboards and learn the foundations of virtual visual collaboration, with both synchronous and asynchronous engagement
• Use MURAL to collaborate with fellow learners and facilitate different activities to use in coaching and/or coaching supervision
• Leave the training with exclusive templates and the skills to begin facilitating a whiteboard session with a client

This workshop totals 3.5 hours of synchronous engagement + 30 mins of asynchronous work. We meet for two 90 min sessions over consecutive weeks, plus you receive a 30 minute 1<>1 integration session within 30 days with your facilitator and MURAL Consultant Network member, Paul Sanbar.

Contact for group rates or scheduling alternate times for your group.