Sales Training


Sales Training $900 Tuesdays, April 5-26, 3-4:30 pm Pacific
Tuesdays, June 7-28, 3-4:30 pm Pacific
Tuesdays, September 6-27, 3-4:30 pm Pacific

Individual Training $1,200
Sales Training with Coaching $1,600

  • Total: $0.00

Like it or not, sales is an integral part of every successful business.  In order for your businesses to thrive, you need to be able to translate the passion you have for the goods and services you offer into revenue.  Hawthorne Union provides a customized approach to sales training and coaching, so you and your employees can authentically integrate sales into your customer interactions to support your business and revenue growth.  Don’t leave your revenue and business growth to luck, leverage training and coaching support to make your process more fluid and effective.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop elevator pitches to increase sales fluency
  • Define and target your ideal customers
  • Create best practices around prospecting and initiation
  • Negotiations and close

This course is available to be scheduled 1:1 for $1200 or in the drop down dates provided for $900.  Recommended sales training with 6 hours of sales coaching is $1600.