LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Coach + Facilitator Training


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If you can see the invisible, you can do the impossible. As coaches, we all have clients that get stuck in their heads. They come to us with cluttered minds, and we help them separate out what isn’t working or connect with what is. And sometimes we need a hand – which the philosopher Kant called the human’s outer brain and the window to the mind.

Expanding on constructionism learning theory, Gestalt psychology, systemic constellations work, and the power of metaphor, coaching with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® [LSP] methods will support your clients to think and build with their hands, enabling them to make tangible what was once invisible. Coaching with LSP is play with a purpose.

In this experiential coach + facilitator training, you will:
DAY 1+2: Facilitation + Coaching: LSP with Teams & Groups (In-Person: Day 1)

  • Learn the foundations of hands-on thinking, LEGO® bricks as metaphors + the power of the meaning-making mind with LSP, then experience and learn how to deliver an LSP group coaching session.
  • Discover how you can flatten team hierarchies and foster psychological safety in teams as your learning cohort becomes a team for a day and engages in a systemic LSP team dynamics session.

DAY 3+4: One-on-One Coaching with the LSP – Liminal Spaces™ Framework (In-Person: Day 2)

  • See the LSP – Liminal Spaces™ 1:1 coaching framework in action. Then delve into the theory and practice of coaching with hands-on thinking using Gestalt tenets and Systemic Constellations
  • Learn how to engage your clients in a full coaching session or a brief in-session LSP activity and have many opportunities to coach your partners because hands-on experience is the key to learning


  • Receive a 1:1 mentor coaching session to review your recording and ensure you are ready to begin using the Liminal Spaces coaching framework [post training]
  • Invitation to The LSP Method Community + Self-Paced Online LSP Facilitator Training Program which gives you detailed video and written instructions on how to prepare and deliver a workshop.
  • Receive 1-year of ongoing bimonthly Drop-in LSP-Liminal Spaces™ Coach SuperVision

After completing the initial four half-days (or two full days for in-person), you will become a Certified Facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods & materials, accredited by The LSP Method and once your mentor coaching is complete, you will receive your Certified Hands-On Thinking Coach™ badge and certificate from training provider, Hawthorne Union. This training qualifies for 14.0 ICF CCEs: (10.0 Core Competencies & 4.0 Resource Development)

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