DEI for Coaches


Tuesdays, November 1-Dec 6, 7:30-9 am Pacific
Thursdays, Jan 12-Feb 16, 4:30-6 pm Pacific

How does Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion impact your effectiveness as a coach? What roles do Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion play in your coaching sessions and engagements? How can you ensure that you are creating a safe space for your clients without enforcing your own bias and agenda? What support do you need as a coach to ensure that you are appropriately serving your clients?

Learning Objectives:
• Discuss and expand DEI knowledge in relation to coach role
• Strengthen ability to leverage the updated Core Competencies to support DEI in engagements
• Address challenges and share best practices related to DEI in coaching

This course includes a behavioral assessment, case studies, a coaching demo, and a group supervision session.

This course is has been approved by the International Coaching Federation for 8.25 Core Competency and 2 Resource Development Credits.

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