What is your Enneagram type?  What are your instincts and centers of expression?  How are you leveraging your strengths to address your challenges and blind spots?  The Integrative Enneagram utilizes statistic validation and algorithms to create an adaptive assessment to assess your Enneagram type.  Whether new or experienced with the Enneagram, the Integrative Enneagram provides an in-depth analysis to leverage for your continued development.


Discover more layers of you. Go beyond your core type and discover centers of intelligence, lines, wings, subtype and levels of integration. 


How does your unique profile affect you in the workplace and how can you be more effective? The Professional Report is widely used in business and corporate environments and builds on the content included in the Standard Report, exploring themes like communication and leadership.

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Illustration of the Enneagram Team Report contents


The Enneagram offers insights into both individual and team culture and highlights potential avenues to grow and develop.  Purchase of the Professional Reports (or upgrade from Standard Reports) is required in order to purchase a team report.


How well do you know your partner? Leverage your strengths and address your challenges as a couple with insights from your Enneagram Couples Report. 

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