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Hawthorne Union was founded by Diana Ideus, MCC, named after the foundational locations where she learned to coach. Learn more about Diana and Hawthorne Union’s history on the Cross Street Coaching Podcast.

Diana recruited a remote coalition of the best talent across the country to come together under the belief that there is a better way to do business. All of us at Hawthorne Union hold the belief that people are at the heart of every business. Taking care of those people is what enables them to take care of the business.

We’re committed to honesty and authenticity, we use our intuition and our experience, and we’ll never stop learning or sharing our knowledge. Learn more about the Union and the team who is ready to help you do the same.

Diana Ideus

Last Chance Coaching Finances & Gender Mentor Coaching DIY Listen DEI

Diana Ideus has her Master’s in Executive Coaching and Organizational Behavior and is one of only 1300 coaches globally to have attained the level of Master Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation. Diana leverages her coaching, consulting, management, and leadership development supporting leaders and entrepreneurs in fast growth for-profit companies in tech, finance, and healthcare.

Diana founded Hawthorne Union with the belief that there was a better way to do business, and that if we take care of our people that they will take care of the profits. In addition to her work with leaders and companies, Diana teaches professionals how to coach at the university level and in courses approved by the International Coaching Federation.

Rusty Mask

Therapeutic Roots of Coaching Mentor Coaching

Rusty Mask is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with his Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s in Social Service Counseling. Rusty leverages extensive years of coaching in both the corporate and academic environments, combined with his career experiences in management and facilitation.

Rusty began his coaching career in academic environments while supporting key federal initiatives and managing a sustainable coaching program. After transitioning to fast growth corporate environments, Rusty provides executive coaching, partners with executives to build and enhance their teams, designs and facilitates leadership development, and mentors coaches.

Paul Sanbar

Supervision Mentor Coaching

As a coach, coach supervisor, facilitator, and author, Paul’s life and career has been dedicated to field of self-development and to affecting positive change through storytelling and conversations initially as a psychotherapist and now as Professional Certified Coach [PCC] accredited by the International Coach Federation and a Coach Supervisor, certified by the Goldvarg Consulting Group.

Paul is a certified LEGO® Serious Play® methods facilitator and an Erickson Certified Professional Coach [ECPC] with Erickson Coaching International, where he is also an Assistant Trainer for their Art & Science of Coaching Modules. Paul holds a Master’s in Psychology – Marriage & Family Therapy and brings with him almost two decades of experience supporting individuals and groups towards sustainable growth.

Jacen Spector

Gray Areas: Ethics for Coaches DIY Cross Street Coaching Podcast Listen

Jacen Spector believes professional coaching can have a profound impact in the way we learn, the way we lead, and the way we live. He believes that the role of a coach can be one of the most inspiring and gratifying position a person can take on. Jacen is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation.

Located in the Pikes Peak region in Colorado, Jacen has over 10 years of operations and leadership experience at local marketing firms and larger corporations such as T-Mobile and eviCore Healthcare. He has transitioned his skillset in 2017 over to Organizational Development and is proud to join the Hawthorne Union team to further his path in this industry through compelling coaching facilitation and consulting. Learn more about Jacen and Hawthorne Union on his podcast, Cross Street Coaching available on Apple and Spotify.

Jesse Trout

Authentic Masculinity

Jesse Trout believes in the power of the coaching relationship as a conduit for growth and transformation. In a phrase – coaching is your life, catalyzed. He started Mindful Life Coaching in 2015 in order to partner with professionals desiring to deepen and broaden the quality of their experiences while moving forward purposefully. He has expanded his focus to include client work with men seeking to uncover for themselves their own authentic, healthy expression of their masculinity. Jesse speaks regularly to leadership teams and college campuses on the topics of masculinity, substance abuse, and mental health.

Jesse began coaching in 2012 at InsideTrack, an educational services firm that provides coaching and consulting to colleges and universities, and is currently a Regional Trainer and Faculty Member for the Sigma Chi Leadership Institute, a higher education learning service provider. He trains facilitators, supports creation of new curriculum and facilitates leadership courses for both undergraduates and adult professionals. Jesse is a Co-Active Certified Coach (CPCC) through the Coaches Training Institute, a Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) through ICF, and a Certified Holistic Coach (CHC) through the Radiant Health Institute, and pursuing his Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential through the ICF.

David Malizia

Sales Sales Training Sales Coaching

David has a demonstrable track record of achieving sales goals and as a leader within organizations.  David has established sales procedures and training while simultaneously exceeding his personal sales quotas and KPI’s and increasing company revenue by 50%.  Passionate about leadership development, team development, technology sales, and coaching; David’s focus on the people and the process leads to sustainable sales growth.

Tiffany A. Dedeaux

Tiffany A. Dedeaux is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) with 15+ years of empowering mid-career professionals, leaders, and executives in redefining what is possible across the technology, consulting, and sales sectors.

Leveraging her experience as a consultant and trainer at tech startups, and inspired by her Masters in Psychology and Cultural Transformation, Tiffany strives to enhance customer-centric experiences, drive innovation, and increase operational efficiency with a co-active coach approach that helps visionaries from entry- to C-level find their voice and prepare to rise and meet every challenge.

Tiffany specializes in professional growth and career satisfaction and her clients drive change at ABC, Microsoft, Expedia, Facebook (Meta), Indeed, Boeing, Amazon.